We thank God ...

that we have always had a strong Sunday school work. There is a crèche for the pre-school children who so soon become of age to join the first Sunday School level.

The scripture leaves us in no doubt to our responsibility with regard to the "little ones".

Our teaching to them comes from those who are passionate about the work, compassionate to needs and understanding to demands. They are all locally approved being DBS checked and are well supported by professionally trained teachers.

From 5 to 11 years our children enjoy a time together on Sunday mornings. At Maranatha we are blessed with a lot of teachers. There will be Bible stories, activities and games, where the children become aware of the wonderful truths of the gospel.

At senior school age the children meet in the third group. In this group we once again have the benefit of about 6 teachers. We aim to teach and challenge the group.

The atmosphere is always one of fun with the maxim of  learning from self discovery.

Our young people form strong friendships and from this group they develop their gifts  in a safe and encouraging environment.