Home Groups

We are now blessed with a growing number of home groups ...

It is in the context of the home group that our Christianity is worked out in practice, helping us to thrive, to flourish and to prosper in our faith. It is essential to be involved in home groups if we want to be right at the heart of what God is doing in Maranatha. Jesus gave us clear examples of using small groups – 12 disciples, sometimes just 3 (Peter, James and John).

In our home groups we can step up our focus on:-

Mission – each home group are able to focus on one part of mission,

Longfield – each home to focus on a part of Longfield which we can prayer walk and distribute leaflets,

Ministry – each home group to focus on some key ministry areas.

Maranatha also has day time ladies group that meet for prayer and Bible study and a specific group that meets on Studley Green at 13:30 every week

These groups are the place where relationships grow heaven and earthward celebrating and expressing Gods love.