We are currently in the middle of a 40 day Prayer Vigil, praying every evening at different homes. 

Prayer is the essence of our relationship with Father God.

To know Father Gods heart through prayer is vital to the life & effectiveness of us as individuals and corporately.

Prayer takes place in many forms at Maranatha!-

Leadership prayer times,
Prayer evenings,
Prayer mornings,
Individual praying,
Woman praying together,
Men praying together,
Praying over the phone,
Prayer ministry after church,
Praying before and during services,
Prayer chain (On Phone and email),
Prayer list
and others as the Lord Leads.

Through Gods word as we grow in faith & by the power & leading of his spirit we seek to deepen & strengthen this vital element of our walk with God.

For "members" we have a weekly prayer update sheet to help focus in items throught the week.