India Village Ministries







India Village Ministries (IVM) began in the year 2001 with Suresh & Roja Vemulapalli.  

They responded to the call from God to serve the needy people in the villages of India.

We are Blessed to have them visit with us regulary and update us on their ministry.

IVM is involved in a number of specifically targeted projects to deliver lasting assistance to the poor of all age groups in the villages.

IVM Children’s Home

The home provides for the spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs of orphan children. Most of the children do not have either mother, father or neither of them.

They are taken into the Children’s Home irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. They seem to be lonely upon their arrival to the home, but they feel at home and loved once they are amongst the other children. We are sending the children to a good privately run school in the nearest town.

One unique feature of our home is that after high school, we continue to walk along side and support each child through college.

Educational sponsorship to Poor Children

Many children in the rural villages do not receive an education because they must work to help support their families. The greatest tool for helping someone face the adversity of poverty is education and we are fully committed to helping the very poor and needy children to have access to and avail themselves of quality education. India Village Ministries is providing support to some poor children and young people with their school/college education.

Sewing Training centre:

The knowledge of sewing, tailoring can provide some income for an Indian family. This vocational training provides young girls with a skill and equipment to earn in a society without much of the welfare structure.  The subsistent farmers and menial workers in the villages always find it is beyond their means to educate their children in their struggle to make both ends meet. Girls are particularly a burden to these poor folk. IVM Sewing Centre provides daily training for young girls and unemployed women. After successfully graduating from the course, each student receives a certificate as well as new sewing machine. So far six classes (70 students) have graduated and received sewing machines. Currently the seventh class is receiving training. We are limited to 12 students per class. It costs about $100 (£60) to provide a manual sewing machine and basic sewing tools for one graduating student.


In rural India, without a husband or provider poor widows are destitute and often homeless. IVM seeks to restore joy in the lives of widows in India.

Emergency Disaster Service
IVM provides Emergency Disaster Service following natural disasters and other emergency situations. By showing the compassion of Christ through giving practical physical necessities, IVM is always in the forefront in providing relief to needy people affected in disasters such as floods, cyclones, and fire. IVM has also provided drinking water for villages by drilling bore-wells and constructing hand pumps.